Peter (bigpeteb) wrote,


Life just doesn't come in a steady stream. It comes in huge bursts.

After giving in to Google Reader, I'm now feeling pressure to join Twitter and some other sites. I'm still not sure I "get" Twitter exactly, but it seems like a lot of my other school friends are on it, and that I'm missing out.

Speaking of social networking, I'm finally getting to where I have friends in school to hang out with. Not that people haven't been inviting me out to do things on the weekends. But it feels like it only comes after an hour of calling people trying to find out who is doing something sociable. I don't like feeling so desperate; in fact after so much effort, I start to just give up on having fun for the evening. I'd rather have to choose between activities than call around trying to find just one.

I do end up with a dilemma of having disjoint sets of friends, but I'll see if I can't integrate them now and then.

Which reminds me, I've just learned of a group called Monday Night Brewery. They're not a registered brewery yet, just a couple of guys who are experimenting to create some good beer in expectations of distributing it. I don't know when they meet, or how I'll make it out there if they meet during Glee Club rehearsals (which they probably do) but I'm going to have to go check it out.
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