Peter (bigpeteb) wrote,

Just a thought

In the UK the car I rented was, if I recall, a Vauxhall Corsa 5-door hatchback. 1.4L, 96.2 horsepower. That was a great car. I loved the way it handled, the gears, the comfort level of the interior. If I were looking for such a car (cheap supermini) that would definitely be on my list. I was driving around with 4 people, but it performed just like I'd expect it to.

In Australia I rented a Hyundai Getz, which was a 3-door hatchback, 1.4L 97HP. It was terrible. The seat was uncomfortable, the steering wheel was too far away while the pedals were too close, the gears were awful. This car would struggle to make it up some hills in 3. In terms of ride comfort, that was one of the worst cars I've been in, simply for the combination of seat and driver position. And considering I was the only one in the car, the performance was wretched.
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